Monday, 4 June 2018

some fun facts about nanotechnology

  • Fingernails grow one nanometer per second (which is equal to 10-9 or 0.000,000,001 meter).
  • Bulletproof business suits made from carbon nano tubes costs $20,000. They are stab resistant, stops 9 mm rounds & have to be cut into shapes using a saw.
  • Damascus steel is over 1000 years old & contains carbon nano tubes. Blades made from it could supposedly cut through stones or metal – how to make it remains unknown.
  • Scientists are using nanotechnology to create an invisibility cloak. Nano tube sheets at extreme temperatures cause light to bend away from objects 

that ‘disappear’.

  • Made from millions of carbon nanotubes, Buckypaper is 10x lighter & 250x stronger than steel; created by accidents in an attempt to recreate conditions in which star exist.
  • 322 companies in 20 countries are producing products
    that contain nano materials
  • About 20,000 researchers around the world are working
    in nanotechnology related jobs.
To know More about the Advanced Composite Materials  Grab the chance and attend the forthcoming Conference : 5th International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Nanotechnology.

Dates of the Conference : September 17-18, 2018

Venue : Berlin, Germany

For more Details :  Advanced Materials 2018

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