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Call For Abstracts : Nanolithography

What is Nanolithography
Nanotechnology has given birth to many useful sub technologies, one of them is the Nanolithography. It is a science which deals with structure at microscopic level for detecting, writing, printing and communicating their characteristics to concerned parts.
How Nanolithography works?
Nanolithography is used in the many fields of applications, it is  a branch of nanotechnology which is used for further fabrications of nanometer materials and molecules. It is used during the integration of edge semiconductors, integrated nanocircuitry or nanoelectromechanical systems.Two of most important instruments used in the nanolithography processing are
The Scanning probe microscope permits the surface viewing in advanced detail without modifying it and both SPM and the ATM could be engaged to write, or print on a surface in individual atom direction.
Types of Nanolithography
Nanolithography has many a type according to the area of work in which it is used. Some of them are listed below with brief description.
Optical lithography, is a technique for patterning the various surfaces and have the capability for producing  sub patterns up-to to 100 nm with minor wave lengths. Optical nanolithography requires the use of liquid immersion and resolution host.Most experts feel that optical nano lithography techniques are most cost effective then traditional  methods of lithography.
Another type of nanolithogrphy is the x ray nanolithography which is quite different from traditional X-ray lithography.It has the ability to improve and extend  optical resolution of 15 nm by using the short wavelengths of 1 nm for the illumination. This is performed by printing approach and is used for batch processing.
Nanloithography Techniques :
1)Electron Beam Direct –Write Lithography
2)Extreme ultraviolet lithography
3)Charged-particle lithography
Call For Abstracts : Nanolithography
Dates of the Conference : September 17-18, 2018
Venue : Berlin, Germany
For more Details :  Advanced Materials 2018

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