Friday, 1 June 2018

Advanced Composite Materials

Composite materials are becoming more important in construction of aerostructures. Air craft parts are made from composite materials such as fairings,spoilers and flight controls were developed for their weight saving over aluminium parts. New generation aircraft are designed with all composite FUSELAGE and wing structures. These are also  the advanced polymer matrix composites. They have the desired physical and chemical properties. These are generally characterized and detected by their unusually high stiffness or modulus of elasticity. These Advanced composite matrix are used in REINFORCED MATRIX COMPOSITION.


Transportation :
Ground, air, marine, space
Military :
armor, weapons, containers
Sporting goods :
golf, tennis, fishing, helmets,
wheels, skis/snow boards, kite and
wind surfing, snow machines, gun
Building materials :
pipes, beams, panels, bridges,
roofing, decking, signs, furniture
Medical :
prosthetic devices, braces,
enclosures, body moving aids


Advantages :
stiffness, TS/p, high fatigue life,
corrosion resistant,
complex shapes,
smooth skin, stealth,
multiple mfg methods
Disadvantages :
high labor, material and capital
storage of materials
damage and repairs
safety concerns
To know More about the Advanced Composite Materials  Grab the chance and attend the forthcoming Conference : 5th International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Nanotechnology.
Dates of the Conference : September 17-18, 2018
Venue : Berlin, Germany
For more Details :  Advanced Materials 2018
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