Thursday, 31 May 2018

Call for Abstracts : Nanophotonics

Nanophotonics is the study of the behavior of the light of nanometer scale, and of the interaction of nanometer-scale objects with lightMolecules_glare_communication_3428x1928

Nanophotonics : Defined by its Applications
  • Communication Technology 
  • Laser
  • Solid-State Lighting
  • Data storage
  • lithography
  • (Bio-) Sensors
  • Optical Computers 
  • Solar Cells
  • Light activated medical Therapies
  • Displays 
  • Smart Materials

Advantages of Nanophotonics :
  1. Bring Access to further Integration
  2. Lower Noise
  3. Will Dissipate Less Energy
  4. Will Occupy less Volume
  5. Will Require Lower Input Signals
Abstract submission portal for the "Advanced materials 2018" is open now. Submit your
abstract at: Abstract Submission
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